About US

Current Board

    Cody Bingham   - Jerome, ID
Vice Chairman
    Ryan Samples     - Burley, ID
    Aaron Povey       - American Falls, ID

Association Members:

Amalgamated:     Greg Dean, Paul Foote,
                                     Pat Laubacher & Oliver Neher
Cassia:                     Shane Beck & Ryan Samples
Elwyhee:                Rusty & Rocky Trail
Minidoka:              Ryan Serr & Steve Smith
Northside:             Ben Marshall & Chris Taber
Nyssa/Nampa:    Lary Nielsen & Doug Thurgood
SRSC:                       Paul Rasgorshek
Twin Falls:             Mark Henslee & Kody Youree
Upper Snake:       Lamar Isaak & Aaron Povey

Our Purpose

Snake River Sugarbeet Research and Seed Alliance LLC (aka the Alliance) strives to encourage research and development to improve sugarbeet best agricultural practices and sugarbeet seed quality and performance for the Snake River Sugar Company growing region.

Our Organization

  • Alliance was formed in its current LLC state in 2012.
  • Is a joint effort between the sugarbeet grower associations in the Pacific Northwest, Amalgamated Sugar Company and the Snake River Sugar Company.
  • An internally nominated board from the aforementioned entities of 19 voting members.
  • Oversees the Official Variety Trials and the variety approval policy for sugarbeet seed used.
  • Establishes the protocol used in the selection and distribution of funds for external research grants.

Our History

The formation of a seed governing body began in the late 70's when Amalgamated Sugar Company and growers begin trials of available seed varieties.  Over time the University of Idaho became involved in the process.  As timed passed, protocols were developed and systems designed in seed trials as well as the approach to funding research through this body.  In 1997 the growers formally purchased Amalgamated Sugar Co. as Snake River Sugar Company.  During these transitions, due to university retirements, company staff changes and the increased demands of the seed trials; the group required changed and has evolved into the form it is today of a committee of growers, Amalgamated staff and Snake River Sugar representatives.

Partner Websites

Amalgamated Sugar Company
Snake River Sugar Company